2018 Price List

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Monterey Pine

 Douglas Fir, White fir,    Redwood, Cedar   


 Noble & Nordmann Fir  



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We will reopen on Friday, Nov. 23, 2018. 

Visit our Facebook page at "Castro valley Christmas Tree Farm" for videos of the different types of trees grown at the farm. 

(Information updated 11/1/18)

Douglas-fir: We had near average rainfall during the winter which has helped the trees look beautiful again this year. We have a great supply of premium Douglas-fir growing in the fields from 5' to 8' tall, and even have a few up to 9' tall.   We should have a nice supply of 6' - 8' trees throughout the season. Remember that the price is the same for any size tree. 

Pre-cut Trees: We will again be getting a nice supply of Noble fir and Nordmann fir in the 7'-9' size range.  

Monterey pine: We have a good supply of Monterey pine in the 6'-8' size range along the sides of the road. These trees are bushy and have a longer needle with a nice fragrance.

Redwood: (Coast redwood) - We only have a few coast redwoods in the 5'-8' range in field C. (Sequoia) - The sequoias have grown well this year and there are several areas with Sierra redwood in the 6'-9' size range.  

Incense cedar: This is a new species available at the farm which is a light green color with a nice fragrance.  There are quite a few cedars in Field C in the 5'-7' size range.

Monterey cypress: This is another new species that we've added to the farm.  They are a light green color with a "citrus" fragrance, but there are only a few available in the 5'-8' size.

White Fir: At the edge of each field, in the shady areas, we have planted white fir.  These have a bluish/silver color with evenly spaced branches.  They are in the 6'-8' size range and usually sell out early, so look for them early in the season, especially in Field G 


Open Friday, Nov. 23, 2018

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email: cvtreefarm@gmail.com